Passive professionals are the next big thing.

How many professionals are passive talents?

What are the biggest obstacles to attracting the best talents?

What is the most essential trend in recruiting for professional roles?

Source: LinkedIn Talent Solutions Global Recruiting Trends 2016

Blue Partners is structured to reach the best talent pools in Tech market and to hunt the most skilled professionals:

*Partners Program allows the client to engage Blue Partners for all the desired researches in the 12 months following the agreement. The decreasing rate follows the scheme: 1° research 16%; 2° 15%; 3° 14%; 4° and 5° 13%. Starting from the 6° research (included) a 12% flat fee will be applied on all the future researches. The 6° research must be activated within the 12 months. At the end of the year, the parts are free to renew/renegotiate/terminate the agreement.