1. What is Blue Partners?
Blue Partners is the tech headhunting company 2.0: we are changing the way companies recruit Tech professionals by focusing on quality, speed and service customization.
2. Why should I choose Blue Partners?

We are specialized in empowering people like you thanks to our understanding of the tech world combined with a strong empathetic approach. We don't like formalities: the best way to collaborate with a professional is through transparency and mutual trust. 

Starting a selection path with us means reaching job opportunities that are not usually listed on job boards as well as being tutored during all the steps with constant feedbacks.

3. Why don't you list the open positions?

We are not a job board. When we contact you, it is because we have already pre-filtered your profile on the most common databases and we believe that your career might benefit of one of our proposals. 

4. What kind of companies are you going to offer me?

We love to work with leading companies that are disrupting their own industries. It is impossible to define our "average client"; however the companies we work with share some common traits: a strong internal culture, high level of technicality, offices in great cities and competitive salaries.

5. What about the contracts?

Blue Partners works exclusively with permanent placements. At the end of a positive recruitment process, you will receive a contract proposal directly from our client company. 

6. I am looking for freelance / remote / internship opportunities.


Due to the kind of jobs we manage, we cannot satisfy our clients' needs with any employment types other than in-place permanent position. However, in case of particular circumstances, we can consider to fill a position with remote opportunities.

7. Is it all free?

Yes, all the services we offer to the candidates are completely free of charge.

8. How does the referral program work?

We believe that one of the strongest networks is the one built amongst professionals with similar backgrounds and careers. If the opportunity we are offering you doesn't fit your ambition, you might still benefit of our referral program: we will reward you with a €250 Amazon gift card for each profile you introduce us and that we successfully place.

You are free to introduce us as many candidates as you want; you will receive your reward no later that 60 days after the hired resource signs the contract and/or any equivalent document.